Yi's Home Camera 2 Review 1080p Home Security

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Yi Technologies recently put out the Yi Home Camera 2… and you’ll never guess how we ended up reviewing it.

This video review covers nearly everything you’d basically want to know about the Yi Home Camera 2. We cover hardware, video quality, mounting options, features and tons more.

(Camera was provided by Yi Technologies for review.)

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  1. I just the YI Home Camera, I connected it to my home wi-fi, but when I leave the house, it disconnected. How do I watch the live stream from my job, to see what is going on in my home?

  2. Hi, thank you for the video.
    Baby crying detection, it has been proven having a wifi source in proximity can be dangerous for a baby's brain! As there is not Ethernet port, I strongly think this is just a marketing argument (=bul***it)

  3. https://amzn.to/2OhgPse

  4. So if I delete the old videos off the app , are they still on the sd card? Or if they get automatically deleted off the app with new videos, Will they still be on the sd card?

  5. Mr. Hawk, you did well. You imparted a lot of good information and you did it in a clear and concise way. You made it easy for the non-techie to understand. You gave pluses and minuses. Because of your review, i am sending several of these to my brother to strategically place around our Mom's home, just in case. Well done, thank you.

  6. In India it is compatible with 32 GB card. How much time it will store the video.. One day, two days? If connected to MI cloud.. How much data Internet it will use?

  7. Massimo Cavalieri d'Oro · Edit

    Can "crying baby" detect and alert me if my dog will bark? Also, can the detection region be dragged as wide as the whole length of the view field? Thanks

  8. 'Cool, informative videos Mark, Thanks.

    Suggestion: To show field of view better: Put some lines on the ground at 90 degrees, 60 degrees, 30 degrees etc then put the camera at the point where the lines come together. Then to show pincushion and barrel distortion while still illustrating field of view, pick the camera up to 6ft or so above where the lines come together and then tilt the camera up and down so it sweeps over the lines .

  9. how is the lag time to use it live streaming to the phone not recording just directly monitoring the camera while at home. Say camera is downstairs and you are watching your phone upstairs in a room? What is the lag time? a second or 1/2 second or really long like a minute or 20 seconds?


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