Yahoo! Mail vs Gmail

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Yahoo has gone through some tough times with data breaches and just in general lackluster performance across the board.Yahoo has introduced a new theme and layout for its mail users, lets see how they stack up against the almighty gmail.

Check out today’s Tech news headlines at

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  1. My PC was hacked but I had activated two step verification in yahoo. My PC was hacked but yahoo acount is not hacked yet.
    But problem Is this I am getting verification code from suspicious/spam contact numbers e.g (+92)3010051482, this is local number.
    that may be hacker's passcode.
    So each time I am accessing to my yahoo account through recovery Gmail account.

    How can I fix this?

  2. Yahoo is biased, pro communist & anti USA. Displayed propaganda full
    of Garbage. No wonder they shut down their comment section, that say it
    all. They lost 2016 election, get over it, Yahoo losers

  3. I finally made the switch from Yahoo to Gmail, after nearly 20 years with Yahoo mail. What a huge improvement — I cannot believe how superior Gmail is. It took me forever to make the leap, but what a mistake to stay with Yahoo. First, Yahoo inserts ads, on the side of my mail, as well as right in the list of my emails, incredibly annoying and at times infuriating, because they force me to see ads that I do not want to see. Also, Yahoo doesn't allow Adblock Plus; if I use it, they make me revert to Yahoo "Classic", which has only limited search and other features (which "classic" used to have, but they deliberately eliminated features to make you frustrated so you will upgrade to a paid Yahoo mail service). Gmail is also way, way, way ahead of Yahoo in terms of features and functionality. Yahoo still feels like old-school, early years browser, but Gmail seamlessly integrates contact info, chat, auto-correct and complete, superior searching, archiving, categorization, superior spam filters, integration with Google calendar and tasks, and lots of customization. Simply put, Yahoo stinks and forces ads into every crevice of your mail system, but Gmail excels at everything mail related.

  4. In most cases, I prefer Yahoo mail. With Yahoo mail, you can access all of your email accounts from one location. With Gmail or Outlook, you have to log out then log in to another email address. Both Outlook and Gmail need to fix that. I added one of my Gmail accounts to the Yahoo email which allows me to check email from there. Gmail does not allow for 5 letter names or words for an email address. So in my case, I cannot use my Amateur Radio callsign for Gmail. I can with Yahoo and Outlet. I wish Gmail would fix that. Gmail needs to fix the email compose page so that it is full screen. I hate having to get closer to the screen to see an email I'm composing. I don't have that problem with Yahoo or Outlook.

  5. I had a very different experience using my iPhone to send an email with my resume attached. I found that I actually had to go back and use my old yahoo email to send my resume? I could not access anything that was not related to google, no Dropbox, no “iPhone files, “or “pages.” Is there a way to get family to do what yahoo was able to provide?

  6. I use gmail now but if i set up a yahoo mail will i have problems with my email address not being recognized ? All gov address give me a hard time. Email or password not correct !

  7. I switched from yahoo mail to gmail because yahoo kept closing my email page it would close before i was finished with my emails and after the last time it happened i got rid of yahoomail


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