XPS 13 (2020) Review – Dell Nailed It

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Dave2D review of the 2020 XPS 13 (9300). With one of the best keyboards in the market, this is a vastly improved laptop from even the 2019 model.
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  1. Hello guys hopefully you will read before you buy this garbage, you should check on dell support page for all the problemz this shit have.The battery life is around 3-4 hours and not 12 hours like they say. I paid full price for this laptop because I watched all these video on how great it is but they dont tell you all the problem they have.Be sure to read all the posts on dell support page and be ready to return it.These guys who make the reviews are full of crap

  2. Dedicated page up / page down keys made it easy for one handed web page reading. I really do miss those keys but you do get used to it eventually. I've only ever used 2 USB ports max so I kind of get why Dell would scrap the 3rd. If you really wanted that many ports, chances are you're a power user that's no doubt got a usb hub with 5+ devices connected to it anyway. Not sure why they scrapped the battery meter. Considering how expensive these laptops are, they couldn't have actually done it to save money.

  3. Just ordered the 9300 with i7, UHD+ high res screen, 16gb ram, 512 gb ssd for $1057 ("member" price + $50 off coupon). I'm replacing my two year old lenovo yoga which has been nothing but trouble.

  4. This laptop does NOT open easily with one hand. 13 or 15 at least, from experience. If you're expecting macbook level one-hand opening, you'll be disappointed

  5. I have bought this laptop and need to share my experience . I don’t usually write reviews but I really need to share with someone going to purchase this laptop. I am leaving this review here because dell.com will not allow the users to write the public comment in their website.
    I bought a XPS 9310 the 11 gen i7 (latest) with 16 gb 512 gb ssd running on windows 10 pro with a touch screen. Received the laptop one on Jan 23rd 2021. I was really excited but it did not last. Design is good (thats it period). The screen started black outs from no where. I have tried to play a movie in Netflix app , in the full screen if you pause the movie for few minutes , the app will close by itself. Tried it with Amazon prime and results are same. Tried to run a game and it closed in 5 minutes. Dell support updated the BIOS, reinstalled all the drivers, updated windows, even reinstalled the windows and it showed the same issues.
    When they tried to restore the windows, the computer frozen in the boot screen for 30 minutes (black screen with Dell logo). A computer with this configuration can easily install windows completely in 15 to 20 minutes.Support person initiated the process and said it will take some time so they will call me back in some time.Fans were spinning at max and the laptop was hot, I mean really hot such that I was not able take it on hand.I have called them again and they told me to force turn off. They don’t have any clue on what was the issue.

    They have sent me replacement laptop and said this is a new one (I have asked them not to send a returned or refurbished). It was not (be vigilant and look at the shipping label, the sender was ‘DELL returns’ and it was clear that the packing was already opened. Funny part is, dell’s website was showing the order status as ‘your computer is in factory production’ for a week and they have sent me a returned computer which was sitting in their shelf. Lol. I suspect they wanted to cover the 30 days of return policy so that the customer will end up using one of these computers. Now the replacement laptop has the exact same issues. Screen black outs, apps getting closed, heating up.I have a ticket opened with dell (they dont have any idea though), intel, Microsoft, Netflix and Macfee. Intel , Microsoft and Dell accessed the computer remotely many times but no luck.Nobody has a proper answer for these issues.
    After reading these , if you still thinking to buy one and try yourself ( that is what I did), make your mind so that you will not fall only on the design and build quality.
    First open the ‘event viewer, in custom views, under source (3rd column) look for Display and you may see a lot of warning for Display for every screen black outs.
    I have tested it thoroughly since I wanted to keep this laptop. Tried everything I could do , spoke to intel , Microsoft and Dell for countless times for hours.
    Fed up. These are going back and stopped all business with DELL. Honestly I wanted to keep this laptop because of its design and build quality. But please dont fall for it else you will be disappointed for all issues for an expensive laptop like this.Hope this will be helpful to someone.

    PS: I have all the photos and videos of these issues ,will try to upload somewhere so that everyone can see.
    Please don’t waste your time ,money ,effort and peace of mind for this.Good day!

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