These Apps Are RUINING Your Phone! Uninstall these apps!

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Substitute Apps:
1. Clean Master: Not Required
2. Security Master: Not Required
3. Dolphin Browser:
4. Battery Saver: Not Required
5. Quickpic:
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  1. My mom's and my dads phone both have clean master. I told them that its fake and to uninstall it and mom uninstalled it. but dad didnt want to and he still uses the app by today. When i heard that clean master was a shitty fake antivirus i uninstalled it. Does fucking nothing! Im pissed off right now! My samsung galaxy a10 already has a biuilt in antivirus,booster that is way better by samsung! Want to find it? If you have a samsung galaxy from 2017-present,go to settings,and then click on biometric data and security and then you will see the biuilt in antivirus! Want a even better antivirus? ONLY DOWNLOAD ANTIVIRUSES SUCH AS AVAST,MALWAREBYTES,BITDEFENDER!

  2. Try installing modded (NoAdds) app called Hibernator, it basically shows running apps and then force stops all of which you selected (there's an exception list too), that would serve as the most efficient Battery saver. Or you could go to settings and force stop running apps manually hahahah, The Choice is yours.

  3. Yasss! This vid was definitely useful in many aspects such as having useless apps LoL which i did and always had that 2nd thought in my mind hmmm these Cleaning & Battery Apps are kinda sketchy and waste of time with flooded dillusion not only that but for awhile with many phones I have had so this was very helpful my bro. Thanks for the advice and keep up the good work on making these awesome clips of updates, tricks, info etc. ✌🏻😷👍🏻💯%


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