Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Chrome – Unboxing & First Look! (4K)

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Finally we Unbox Sony’s 2015 4K beast the Xperia Z5 Premium !

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  1. I love the press 'reviewing' Sony phones. When they put this phone out they were all "but do you really need a 4K screen on a phone". Then when they subsequently released phones without a 4K screen they were all "still only a FullHD display here though". But you end up learning that most reviewers are either paid up to favour anything Samsung or paid up to favour anything Apple. So in the end it doesn't really matter how good Sony phones are – they're always going to get a bad slant in most reviews.

  2. I love mine, although I have to say I am disappointed that I had to buy a set of earphones to experience, fully, my new 'high res audio' device. For what this smartphone costs, I at least expect to see a set of earphones, but like Apple, they're hoping that by leaving them out you'll be enticed to buy their 'premium' earphones too. Tut, shame on you, Sony!

  3. I got mine yesterday in Chrome as well! My first impression was exactly like yours…infinite wows for half an hour!! Interestingly enough, I got a descent earphones set included in the box, inside the documentation box and it was drawn on the outside of it unlike yours that has only had a pic of a book, they included a pretty old earphones set the MH750 (my mom got these with her Xperia Z Ultra 3 years ago) though I didn't get a free screen protector. My box was sealed and I had to use the decoration knife! xD Like you said, ONLY SONY can give you that euphoria when unboxing! Make.Believe!

  4. I see the love you have for Sony. I had the same, so much so that my first smartphone was Sony Xperia Arc. Sadly, the love ended when they killed the Z ultra series. Now the note series does the job. A bit smaller, but not to shabby


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