Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Chrome Review After 3 Months Hand On Color Review

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Reviewing the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Chrome color edition. Just reviewing the Chrome aspect.

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  1. lol.there are updates.and always another update.if you feel unsatisfied you can rant at some xperia forum or blog or playstore app or email. it is always firmware problems with xperia since its bought by sony. rant at the right channel dude 😁. lol u suppose to be proud of having the z5 premium chrome,half of the world really hope they could have it. it is normal if people really dont want to attract people attention randomly bcoz of their smartphone…actually that is natural or normal to people nowaday lol

  2. to check your waterproof i suggest you using pressure sensor.that a indicator to know are your phone is waterproof or no
    its just indicator but you can trust that 90%. it work with my z3C 1 years with me, can take dive on 1.5m 😂

  3. Mr. Xperia Fan I M A Fan To But Plz Check That Phone And reply me For its Waterproof
    Testing to the fullest If u Can…plz i mean how much it Stays…Have a test and plz let me know
    cause i m going to buy it

  4. I don't get the "i don't like the attention" or "attention is a problem". Why do you care what people think about your phone when you like how your phone looks? As if it is a crime of having a phone with a mirror back. I don't get it. Who gives a damn about what other people think? Do you understand what i'm saying?


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