Phone Not Charging? How to Properly Clean Your iPhone or Samsung Charge Port

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***Make sure to use 91% Alcohol for this, nothing else!***
Please attempt this at your own risk. If you are worried or have any hesitation please take to a professional repair shop. Something like this should be done free of charge.

Welcome back to another video! This is the second installation of our remedies series. This time we have a charging port remedy! Ever had problems charging your phone or your charging port does not go into your device properly? Well, this video is perfect for you! In this video, we work on an iPhone 8-Pin charging port as well as a Samsung Galaxy USB Type-C.

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  1. Thank you I dug into my type c port for while with the blunt side of a needle and nothing came out so I put a little isopropyl in there and tried the needle again.. nothing came out I also wiped the top of the center plastic male peace with a q tip and black residue came off.
    I plug it in and it works. No lint but some build up of sorts

  2. Another tip; If you want to avoid getting the ports dirty or damaged from every day wear and tear, invest in dust plugs for the charging port and for your headphones jack if your phone has one.

  3. OMG!!!!!! I DID THIS WHILE ON 10% WITH 70% ACHL..AND I DUG A BIG LENT BALL OUT. Then the charger went all the way in. You might have to repeat the steps until all the softened
    I have a galaxy note 10

  4. Bought a used xs 256gb and wanted to make sure it was clean so I watched a video just in case to clean the charging port make sure i didnt scrape or use the wrong item that damages it this helped

  5. I wasn't able to get the charger fully snapped in anymore but i did clear enough from the port to get a charge going again, so thank you for the help. This saved me alot of time/hassle.

  6. My Problem Is I Need To Bent My Charger A Certain Way And The Charger Wire Is Very Loose And Would Fall Out Easily My Sister Tried Doing the steps and it worked sadly this is only the beginning i charged it on my computer and it work but when i tried it again it doesnt. Work Now I Used My Charger On My Dads Phone and it worked perfectly i used my grandma and aunts charger it works but i still need to quite bent it a little. pLS help me…


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