Logo Design Tutorial | Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator | Mastering Vintage | Part 1

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( Download Link Available ) Here is a New Logo Designing Tutorial explaining how to create Vintage Logo Design in Photoshop & Illustrator. In this tutorial we will be creating out couple of logo designs and understand all the necessary step, you need to know to create a classic vintage logo design. So the first step we gonna do is, to convert all our images to path Object in Photoshop. After that we will export those path objects to illustrator and convert them into vectors. Once the vectors are ready, we are ready to design out Vintage logo. So check out the full video to see the step by step by process.

Logo Design Tutorial | Mastering Vintage (Part1) :
Logo Design Tutorial | Automobile & Marine Vintage (part2):

Download The Images Resources used in Tutorial :
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Covert Image to Path objects : 1:31
Applying Threshold to image : 03:28
Adding details using Smart sharpness option : 04:07
Apply color range for selection : 06:31
Make work Path : 07:05
Adjusting Eye of an owl with brush: 21:59
Exporting path object to illustrator: 23:15
Importing the file to illustrator : 24:56
Applying Extrude option to the imported shapes : 25:33

Vintage Text Effect | Alternate Letters:
Vintage Text Effect | Appearance & Transform effect :
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