Lenovo Yoga Book Review (Windows 10) | 2017

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The Lenovo Yoga Book is more than just a Windows tablet, it’s unique HALO keyboard and digitiser pen transform it into a unique creative tool. But is it worth $550 and which version should buy Windows or Android?
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  1. You could consider buying this if you have a good deal. I got one in my country for just around 275$ so i just take it as a no brainer.
    Then, for the typing issue, I just bought a bluetooth keyboard. Nobody is going to just take the notebook alone out to the working place, so having a small portable keyboard in your bag isn't that inconvenience. It's just like another book on top of the "yoga book"
    Long batt life, win 10, cheap, super light n portable, you can draw on it (i would say it is better suit for a student or as a budget option than for a professional use)

  2. As a medical translator I take notes in consultation with client and doctor , this little machine saves carrying multiple heavy client history with me as I write the notes throughout the interview (which then are also digital immediately) and can access their history for any clarifications during the consultation from the cloud. It's a gem and I have both android and Windows versions as the android couldn't hand write to text on the go!

  3. I've had mine now for almost two years and still use it all the time. Purchased a small backlit bluetooth keyboard which is good for windows, android, and IOS. I use Nebo and OneNote for notes and they both work very well. I would highly recommend this device for anyone looking for something like this.

  4. which one is better for the students ? the yoga book or the hp envy ? I'm a little bit confused since i want to use it to draw digitally and editing but also for making essays and assignments. if any of you knew the loss and benefit, feel free to give me an advice 🙂

  5. Very good review, thanks. The question, can it replace a laptop, is a bit hollow. Can it extend a laptop? is more to the point and informative. The Windows Yoga Book changes how I can work with all my devices and services. Keyboard good enough? The best is the one you have. Not as good as a tray of Chiclets, better than onscreen, easy to Bluetooth a real keyboard with.

  6. is it possible to hook up a bluray player to it and could it register. I'm wondering if there are methods to play disk with this either with a player or external disk drive

  7. Got one for £350
    Just wanted a windows tablet to watch Sky Go while working from hotels.
    Great battery and good volume…
    Performance is good for the use I give it, web browsing and youtube etc.
    Don't use the pen, just use as a tablet.

  8. Hi I want to buy cheap laptops for music production and recording will it work ,how is the quality of speaker?? and what about games?? will higher gb games work?? and which one is better windows or android?? please tell me😃

  9. I have considered it, and at the time when this video was posted, I bought a Lenovo MIIX310 instead. Because the MIIX310 offers detachable physical keyboard and 2 full-size USB-A ports, a bigger battery, a lighter weight when using as a tablet, a cheaper price, and of cause, a worse screen.


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