How To Delete A Facebook Pixel

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Did you accidently create an extra Facebook Pixel that you want to delete? No worries, this is how to remove that unwanted pixel!

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  1. "you cannot delete the pixel" (even though the video title is 'How to delete a facebook pixel'. This speaks volumes for the entire mess that
    FB and their like has created for the world in the time we are living.

  2. omg i was trying to figure out how to get rid of the second pixel i created literally ALL DAY and then i found ur video! thank you so much!! soo helpful! just subscribed!

  3. Hey there
    , hope you are doing well. Amna Khan here. I have replaced one of my facebook ad account for a business page. Facebook is saying that they 'll deactivate the account. Can you tell how can I undo the changes?? Your quick response will be highly appreciated. Thanks

  4. Hi buddy, I do appreciate your all training, I watched all of them, they are very helpful. I have a question please replying me back if you don't mind, If I have 3-4 or more products for Conversion Campaign at the same time how could I able to manage the Events Setup Tool?
    E.g. Product #1 " Add to card , Purchase"
    …. Product #2 " Add to card , Purchase"
    … Product #3 " Add to card , Purchase"
    Making three pale does have any issue on my scaling Event Setup Tool is coming through?
    Thanks for your time.


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