Facebook password reset code not recive on yahoo problem fix ||yahoo fb code problem fix 2020.

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  1. This worked awesome.
    I don't understand a single word you said but all I needed was a VPN and to clear the cache.
    Fucking facebook locked me out of my account for days because they can't send a fucking email.

  2. I really appreciate the good work of hackendure2 on IG who help in recovery my deleted account for a long time back and fixed without any delay all thanks to him for his fast and good work.

  3. Bro, I have the same issue and I followed the exact same steps as you advised in this video but I still did'nt get the code… I used "Denmark" for the VPN as you suggested.
    Can you please help me?

  4. Binzilla KaijuKing7222004 · Edit

    Earlier I put a verify number in my Yahoo account this what happen. I put my phone number and then a code got send in my phone and then I put the code to verify it and then I decide to watch some videos on Youtube after that I decide to check my Yahoo account and I saw that my google account is not connected to my Yahoo so then I put it in and then my laptop got lag so then I tap and tap and then in the same type the arrow is pointed to my number and so when the lag has finished the number got click and also the remove button so then I think that I just need to put my number back so I did but when I went to verify it the verify button doesn't work and I don't know what to do it doesn't go where would I put the verification code and there is no verification code got sent to me please help me to know what would I do as soon as you read this if don't know what to do please ask or send this to someone who knows what to do


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