Budget gaming computer for $20! Dell vostro 260 gaming PC for $20!

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While browsing Ebay I ran across this Dell Vostro 260 for $20 complete with CPU (I5 2400), Hard drive, Ram (8 gigs DDR3), Power Supply, Power Cable, DVD-RW, and a Windows Activation Key. The shipping was only $15 so I bought it. So with the theme of $20, I wondered if I could upgrade the key components and only pay no more then $20 for each part.
I found a R7 290 for $10 (Facebook market place), 550w power supply for $20 (Ebay), 120gb SSD for $20 (Ebay), and a extra 4 gigs of ram for $5 (Facebook market place).
The computer booted and all parts worked well together. I was able to get decent frames on Fortnite, Metro 2033 and a few other games. All in all I spent approximately $90 on the computer. Now granted your not gonna get the best frames and highest quality graphics, but for the price this gets you into the gaming world along with future upgrade paths and a decent gaming experience. Anyone trying to get a good gaming computer can build one real cheap. Between Ebay and the Facebook market place I have been very successful In building and selling budget friendly gaming PC’s

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