Before You Design A Logo Do This One Thing

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How can you understand your client’s sense of design style? What questions can you ask them? Are there any exercises to help you get on the same page?

In this episode, we bring back a clip from our Adobe Max interview with design legend, Paula Scher as she shares what she has learned in her years of experience.

Who is Paula Scher?
Paula Scher is a Partner @ Pentagram and one of the most influential graphic designers in the world. Described as the “master conjurer of the instantly familiar,” Scher straddles the line between pop culture and fine art in her work. Iconic, smart, and accessible, her images have entered into the American vernacular… See more @

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  1. Noted and I will put on my client logo questionnaires.
    what kind of form you like and why you like and what you want to be to take this mark.
    Thanks The futur Team

  2. Thanks so much for this thefutur, Chris and Paula! Here's my takeaway:
    1. Show them Examples (Ask: Like? and Dislike? and mark with 2 different colored sticky notes)
    2. Modern? or Traditional? (or somewhere in between? maybe use a sliding scale to gauge this)
    3. Talk about their competitors (How do they want to be the same? or different? listen carefully)
    4. Pretend you're a personal shopper and you wanna get them something new (but in their taste)

  3. Something about this REALLY rubs me the wrong way. How is what the client LIKES the most important thing?

    "I need you to design us a great stop sign. The only color I personally like is green."

  4. Just what I needed. Lately, I fell in this state where I was feeling kind of "superior" and was trying to impose my taste on my clients (and ended actually losing them). Thanks futur team.

  5. I just saw this video from an emailer I got! Glad I checked it out. We just started our agency so these are some important but valuable tips. We've had a few mistakes where we did a design and the client did not like it. This is a good way to avoid that. I would love to hear who else had experiences like that. I think our agency site gives an idea of the style we create

  6. Fantastic advice, and excellent interview. Thank you for this.

    Big, unanswered challenges, for me:
    What the heck do you do when you have two or more stakeholders, on a given project, who have widely diverging tastes?

    What's a good way to handle/address the stakeholder who just doesn't "get" design, aesthetics, brand, strategy, etc.?

    Are there Futur videos on these matters that maybe I've missed?

  7. This is a nice way to find out the clients taste! But IMO you should design for THEYR customer, not yours, no? But of course your client has to like it too in the end

  8. I would say its Blurring the lines between what a client wants, what's appropriate for the industry & what the target customers expect from them.
    It's not all about the client's taste. Nah (It's not all about them) They have a product, service, a community, etc they need to get their target market/customers to buy into.
    It's a delicate dance between all those aspects.

  9. I feel every creatives needs to understand business like a gig. What ever the client specs for creatives relating it to the impact on the business . Treat the situation like a "dating therapy" . The truth is they know what they need but there's not clear view point on how to get there . Keep peeling the onion shell (questions) till it surface out. And your excuse for doing that is " if I don't understand the deepest problem and feel it like am in your shoes . I can't maximize the value of input I'll be bringing to the table" . Thanks


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