2 Key Concepts of Clean Architecture (VLOG)

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Why do so many people from the various software fields (web, android, iOS, desktop, games) say Clean Architecture is one of the best ways to structure your …

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  1. I agree with most of what you are saying, but I don't like the test case…(6:24) The reason is that you are essentially just testing the implementation of the fake service… not really useful, I fully agree with the strategy of abstracting out the essence of what you are doing by using an Interface when the implementation is likely to change, but I don't think the test example here was the best.

    Not meaning to be too negative, actually just subscribed… Think your content is great, dropped a few comments as I found your channel very interesting 😀 Keep it up! Also, you are an excellent podcaster, watched one allready and can't wait to listen to more of your episodes!

  2. Hey mitch from what i understand, its a typical mvvm architecture with repository pattern and not the CLEAN architecture used in industry. These are great building points, but the architecture we use consists of data, domain , feature and usecase layers.i am in my first job and was struggling with that . Would love to see a video if you on that modification of CLEAN architecture too

  3. I have watched your videos a lot in the past and they helped me a lot. I just realized something so sorry for never contributing from my side as well. Just liked and subscribed. Happy Birthday (Belated) and keep up the great work. Thanks 🙂

  4. As a practice I always using a middle layer classes between ViewModel and Repository to reduce code complexity of those classes, now i know it's called Clean architecture (according to my understanding) 😀 Happy birthday bro.

  5. i dont get it.
    if you use fakes then you are NEVER testing your actual code and the test will pass no matter how many bugs you might have in your real implementation…
    your test in this case would test the implementation of your fake web service and not your actual implementation used by the app!
    lets say your actual implementation downloads Notes and inserts them to Room database, however you have a bug in that implementation because you forgot to add them to Room after downloading them. the test would pass even though the real app the notes would not be added


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